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Apply to speak

Do you have an idea worth spreading?

Speaking at a TEDx event is potentially a moment of great influence. 

 It is an opportunity to gift an idea to the world, or shine a new perspective on an old problem.

Many unexpectedly personal stories have reached around the globe and helped the audience grow as humans. Many academic or social ideas have blossomed into movements through TEDx.

Your story, your insight, your expertise could contribute to someone else's life, and the process of honing your story or idea into a short coherent talk could even provide you with more insight.

Everyone is welcome to apply to speak at TEDx and all applicants will have the opportunity to discuss the idea with the TEDx team. 

Please ensure you read the TEDx guidelines and submission terms and conditions before applying.

The closing date for submissions was 31 Mar 2023.
Thank you to everyone who submitted. We are now reviewing all your ideas and will be in contact soon.

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